Mini Fridge for Holiday

26/01/2016 Main

Hey everyone and welcome again to my blog about art and travel. Going to keep on the travel theme this time and go the more practical route. Some friends and I are going travelling around the west coast for a couple of months and a friend of mine has a lovely campervan/motorhome for us. The only problem is that his fridge has broken inside, and looks like it will be quite expensive to repair, so I told him I would go on the lookout for a cheap new/used one, that shouldn’t prove to be too expensive and not add too much to our budget, and in reality, if we get a real cheap one then it’s only got to last us the journey, so something within this criteria shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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Things to Do in USA Part 2

11/01/2016 Main

Right so last time I kind of brought you a list that contained some of the things that you must see and do in the USA, now as that list wasn’t so long,  there are obviously a lot of places that I didn’t mention, so for this week I have decided to continue the theme and give you some more travel tips for America.

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Things to Do in USA Part 1

04/01/2016 Main

So with my first entry come a decent list of some of the best things you can do in the USA. Now everyone won’t agree, so please feel free to message me if you think anything else should be included, and I’ll get onto it for a later edition. So here goes…

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Word Up Folks

01/01/2016 Main

Word up folks! I’m a proud American here to showcase the best travel news from around my amazing country. I am also a lover of art so expect there to be an inclusion or two along the way. Hope you enjoy what you read guys, so come inside! 

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