The Philippines - best beaches in Asia?

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The Philippines - best beaches in Asia? 

Tripadvisor has voted Boracay Island and Palawan the best islands / beaches in Asia many times.  Read more

Buying the right rucksack

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Buying the right rucksack

Hi there everyone!  Welcome back to our travel and tourism blog.  I hope you’re all enjoying the lovely weather wherever you are, hopefully like me you’re somewhere with 33 degree heat and amazing sunshine!  I’ve recently been looking through all my old notes I made before I set off travelling for the first time, and I came across the many, many pages I wrote regarding all the items I needed to buy.  And by far the most pages and research I did was into which rucksack to buy and which size.  I ended up buying my rucksack online from a little known website which specialises in second hand products; and I think it’s definitely the way to go when purchasing a rucksack. Read more


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Hey everyone. How are we all feeling post-US Election? What did you think of the result? Was it the result you wanted? Yes or no? Either way, what do you think the outcome will be for US tourism? Do you think it will be a good or a bad thing? It has been predicted in one leading newspaper today that it could severely affect tourism to the US states, with people numbering in the millions stating that they would not visit the USA while Donald Trump is President. This could be disastrous for US tourism and the wider economy. So much so that many are referring to the whole affair as Trumpaggedon! Possibly they could counter things by providing cheap flights but I honestly believe that the US is going to take a huge hit as far as tourism is concerned. But there will be winners from this, namely Canada. The millions of tourists who normally holiday in the states are statistically most likely to opt for Canada as an alternative destination. What are your thoughts readers? Would you go as far as to dismiss any notion of travelling to the States under its current leadership? Or to cancel your existing travel plans like many have done? Or is that all a bit extreme do you think? I am not sure myself. I am no fan of Donald Trump but I wouldn’t want to tar a whole country with the same brush. And I am confident that no matter how good or bad a president he may turn out be, it is not really going to affect me as a traveller or tourist. But it is early days, I guess. I will certainly be watching with interest to see how things pan out in the long term. Read more

Looking good travelling

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Looking good travelling

Hi all and welcome back to my travel blog.  One of the hardest things about traveling for a prolonged period of time is that it’s so easy to feel and look like crap when you turn up at your destination.   You’re exhausted, you look messy and tired from being cramped and you feel so jetlagged you’re not sure what year it is never mind the month, day or hour.  All you know is you want to sleep but can’t.  But don’t despair, all is not lost there’s so many great items you can buy second hand goods online, which will help you on your journey. Read more

Air Loungers

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Air Loungers

Now then folks! How are we all? Good I hope. Welcome back to my travel and tourism blog. Have you been up to much? Travelled anywhere nice recently? Any interesting stories or adventures to share with us? If so, be sure to drop us a line and let us know. We are always looking for guest bloggers and would love to share your experiences with the wider readership. So don’t be shy. Today’s post is about a relatively new product that has revolutionised the whole airport stopover experience. There is nothing worse than finding yourself stuck in a transfer lounge or waiting at check in for long periods, especially when there is nowhere appropriate to lay your head down for a bit of a nap. Well that problem has been well and truly addressed in the form of the air lounger. This is a lightweight and compact inflatable that can be deployed simply by opening it up and catching air in it, (for want of a better description). No blowing or pumping. You can then comfortably lie on it and relax wherever you can find some free floor space. Absolute genius. Once you are done it is easily deflated and stowed away in your hand luggage, simples! Check out the photo below to get an idea of how brilliant this product is! And it is cheap. Super cheap! Read more

The Great Walks of New Zealand

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The Great Walks of New Zealand 

Welcome back folks.  Today I wanted to talk about general travel and tourism with a focus on trekking.  For any of you who love to get outdoors in the thick of nature amongst spectacular scenery, then this is for you.  Especially as we’re going to look at one of the best countries in the world to do just that: New Zealand.  From pristine beaches to glaciers and phenomenal National Parks, every bit of this stunning natural beauty can be experienced by getting stuck into one or two of New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’.  Read more


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This is a slight tangent from my usual blog updates but I just wanted to share a recent experience I had with family. Sadly, my father’s aunt died a couple of weeks ago. We all flew from NYC to Kansas to attend her funeral. It’s always strange going back to Kansas and seeing the extended family. We come from a very small town where everyone knows each other. Whenever I go back for funerals, weddings or birthday parties I always head out after the party has finished for a few beers with my cousins. Inevitably, some local hillbilly always hits on me and they always know exactly who I am, who my family are, where I’m living now etc etc. And I’ve never met these people before. My family moved to New York when I was just 3 years old, so I didn’t grow up out in the middle of nowhere like the rest of my family. Read more

Cintiq Art

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Hi there!  Welcome back to my blog! So a couple of articles ago I told you about my new shepherds hut. Well I can tell you now that it really has been worth all of the investment and hard work. I absolutely love spending time in it away from the rest of the world. It is a great combination of luxury and simplicity sat in the middle of an idyllic countryside. It really is a great escape and a place that gives me the freedom to think, relax and get creative. I told you in my last post how much I love art and travel and I have really been able to embrace this concept since renovating my shepherds hut. I decided that spending time away in my shepherds hut that I would try and embrace my creative side and use the time to explore some new hobbies.  Although I am not a massive consumer of technology and I do like to keep things simple there are certain technologies that I find really exciting and innovative. I think technology can really have its place in developing and enhancing the way we view and experience the world and digital art is perhaps at the forefront. Read more

Tthe perfect partnership: Art and travel

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Hey folks! Welcome back to my blog. Hope you are all pretty swell?! Read more

My New Shepherds Hut

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Hey Folks! Welcome back to my blog! How are you all? I have had a pretty busy but exciting few weeks. Why you ask? Well, I recently brought some land in the country. I love traveling but I thought it would be cool to have somewhere that I can turn into my very own home from home. So financially speaking I couldn’t afford to build a massive structure on the land and I actually quite liked the thought of having something that was relatively small and compact but with enough scope to put my own stamp on it. So, taking all of this into consideration what were my buying options? I thought about buying a storage container and pimping it out but I then considered that perhaps that was a little too out there and would look a tad silly within its countryside setting. I then considered buying an old, retro caravan and updating it but that just wasn’t quite exciting enough.  So after a lot of consideration and a fair bit of daydreaming I decided to buy a Shepherds Hut! Surely you know what I am talking about right... Read more

Things to do in USA Part 3

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There is so much cool stuff to do in the USA that I thought it was about time I added some more tips: Read more

Mini Fridge for Holiday

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Hey everyone and welcome again to my blog about art and travel. Going to keep on the travel theme this time and go the more practical route. Some friends and I are going travelling around the west coast for a couple of months and a friend of mine has a lovely campervan/motorhome for us. The only problem is that his fridge has broken inside, and looks like it will be quite expensive to repair, so I told him I would go on the lookout for a cheap new/used one, that shouldn’t prove to be too expensive and not add too much to our budget, and in reality, if we get a real cheap one then it’s only got to last us the journey, so something within this criteria shouldn’t be too hard to find. Read more

Things to Do in USA Part 2

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Right so last time I kind of brought you a list that contained some of the things that you must see and do in the USA, now as that list wasn’t so long,  there are obviously a lot of places that I didn’t mention, so for this week I have decided to continue the theme and give you some more travel tips for America. Read more

Things to Do in USA Part 1

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So with my first entry come a decent list of some of the best things you can do in the USA. Now everyone won’t agree, so please feel free to message me if you think anything else should be included, and I’ll get onto it for a later edition. So here goes… Read more


Word Up Folks

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Word up folks! I’m a proud American here to showcase the best travel news from around my amazing country. I am also a lover of art so expect there to be an inclusion or two along the way. Hope you enjoy what you read guys, so come inside!  Read more